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Your health and vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is a vital nutrient. It increases the body’s production of red blood cells, helps ward off osteoporosis, alleviates depression, increases energy, and boosts your immune system. A diet containing foods rich in B-12 can help you maintain optimum levels. These foods include animal protein, eggs, fish and shellfish, fortified breakfast cereals, nutritional yeast, milk, dairy products, and fortified non-dairy milk. Many of these sources involve animal products, which is why vegetarians and vegans often suffer a deficiency – but almost anyone in the modern environment could be low on vitamin B-12.

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Rev up your energy and metabolism and give your immune system a boost

A B-12 shot could be the solution you need for low energy and a sluggish metabolism. If your body is not getting enough B-12 through your diet alone, you may feel lethargic even after getting a full night’s sleep. Vitamin B-12 is responsible for the production of red blood cells, which transport oxygen throughout your body. Furthermore, B-12 aids in your body’s natural production of tryptophan, a natural compound that helps you fall asleep at the end of a long day. Giving your body a boost with a B-12 injection could be exactly what you need.

Should I get a B-12 injection?

A B-12 shot is a quick, easy way to help restore balance in your body and boost your health. Just one dose can provide the nutrient-rich compounds your body needs for an entire week. B-12 shots have many vital health benefits, including:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Increased energy
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • Boosts mood
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved immunity
  • May assist in hair loss

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Why injections rather than B-12 pills?

The number of over-the-counter supplements available can be mind-boggling. How do you know which brands you can trust and what will actually work? When your body receives nutrients from food, they are easily absorbed and used to keep your body thriving. But did you know that taking a pill may not be so effective?

B-12 shots are immediately bioavailable – meaning the nutrients get to work at once! In a matter of minutes, you feel it. A B-12 injection is ideal for anyone who believes they may be deficient or simply wants to boost their overall health and wellbeing.

VANA: Helping you reach your health goals

The clients who come to VANA all have one thing in common: they are all interested in looking and feeling their best. If you’re feeling a lack of energy, a B-12 shot can be remarkably effective and is entirely safe and natural when administered by a medical professional. Visit one of our private, luxurious centers in Aventura or Miami Beach, where you will have world-class service at rates you can afford – an ideal combination.

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