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Is Dysport the best injectable for me?

Dysport is made of a purified protein, and when injected with precision, it leaves your skin with a more relaxed, smooth finish which appears natural, refreshed, and youthful. Our expert injectors have Dysport injections down to a fine art and can help you smooth away lines and wrinkles in the most natural way.

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What can Dysport do for me?

Dysport can smooth away lines and creases on the following areas:

  • Glabellar lines: The horizontal creases across your forehead
  • Frown lines: The deep lines that develop between your eyebrows from squinting, concentrating, and frowning
  • Crow’s feet: The lines radiating from your eyes due to squinting, smiling, and laughing

Why choose Dysport?

If you have an upcoming date, event, or another important get-together, you may not have the time to wait for the results from BOTOX, making Dysport a good alternative. Dysport may take only two days to begin to work for many clients, which can be a great advantage.

It also spreads a little more thoroughly into the tissues and produces beautiful results on forehead creases and frown lines. If you have used BOTOX, but the results are fading, you may want to try Dysport.

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Smooth away the years with Dysport injections at VANA

Dysport diffuses more easily into your tissues and requires fewer injections. We find that Dysport is an excellent injectable for horizontal creases on the brow, spreading nicely due to the smaller size of the molecules.

You can trust the team at VANA

At VANA, we are not beginners in the beauty industry. Our injectors are highly trained, certified, and passionate about ensuring every client is thrilled with the results of treatment. Whether you are a member of VANA or a non-member, you are invited to enjoy our world-class environment and care at great value. Our locations are accessible, non-intimidating, and welcoming, and we are equipped with the most advanced aesthetic machines in the beauty industry. You can expect an incredible customer experience, and we are committed to establishing long-term relationships.

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What is the treatment experience?

If it is your first time with Dysport, you do not need to be nervous. The treatment takes only minutes and involves almost no discomfort. The injections are performed with a super-fine needle and produce very little pain. You will have a series of fast, tiny injections in the area being treated. Once completed, you are free to return to your regular activities, with a few restrictions. Do not lie down for four hours, and avoid touching or massaging your face, so the product settles into the precise areas needing treatment.

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